Institutional Information

Institutional Information

DOMINGO PONCE, SL, was incorporated by Mr. Domingo Ponce García, on December 12, 1994. The company began its activity as stated in its articles of incorporation on December 12, 1994. The share capital is three thousand five and fifty euros (3,005.50?), fully assumed and paid by the founding partners: Domingo Ponce García.
The administrator position is unique. Way of deliberating and adopting resolutions by collegiate bodies: The company will be governed by the provisions for the limited liability company in the Capital Companies Law. The general meeting will be directed by its president, who will grant the use of the floor, will determine the time and the end of the interventions, and will put the resolution projects to the vote. (.PDF)(.odt)

Established in 1994, we have almost 20 years of experience in the seawater and brackish water desalination sector using the Reverse Osmosis System.

The purpose of our company is the rental, lease, operation, administration, purchase and sale of desalination and water treatment plants. Maintenance and control services for desalination and water treatment plants. Manufacture and assembly of desalination and water treatment plants. Water treatment in general and purchase and sale of spare parts, workshops for the installation and repair of desalination and water treatment plants.

We are an obligatory reference in the Canary Archipelago as well as in Cape Verde, having designed, built and assembled 70 Desalination Plants, with a total production of approximately 16,000 m3/day of drinking water, that is, 16 million liters per day converted into drinking water. of high quality, also attending to its maintenance, which places us at the forefront of Canary Islands Companies in this sector.

Being also Official Technical Service of international companies of recognized prestige and quality in the water desalination sector. (.PDF)(.odt)

Revision date 07/25/2022

Company transparency protocol

 This document includes the policies on transparency in the management and publication of the company Domingo Ponce SL, and its resources and programs.

 Mainly they are:

  • Identification of the sources of financing and annual amounts received by the entity.
  • Publication on the web of organization chart and operation, services we provide and ways to access them, news and articles of interest.

And everything that as an entity that receives public funds for an amount greater than 60,000 euros, we must collect according to Law 12/2014 on Transparency of the Government of the Canary Islands

Company transparency protocol (.PDF)(.odt)

Revision date 07/25/2022

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Revision date 07/25/2022